Up and running.

Hi all I’m Robin (Rob) Gilmour I’m a Dad of three and been married to Jen for just over two years and wow what a few years we have had. We have been running around living life in the fast lane!

So about 3 weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook “race at your pace” It is a simple concept you pick how far you want to run 25,50,100,150,200. As temped as I was to tick the 200 mile box I thought as I hate running I would tick the 25mile box, so I have 28 days to run 25 miles I’m 7 days in and just under 6 miles run and almost back to being able to walk the day after. My goal for the month is to be able to run a mile without stoping. I will let you know how it goes……🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️

I’m pleased to tell you all that OuTFox printing is up and running as well. We specialise in printing onto aluminium metal in all sizes for personal gifts for loved ones and business marketing materials, ranging from keyrings to business cards to help you standout from the crowd.

We have lots of products you can take a look at and also don’t be shy to tell us what you think. We have new products lined up so watch this space……

Talk again soon



12 thoughts on “Up and running.”

  1. Enjoy the running. I run and find it really helps me both physically and mentally. Can I give you a few tips? Don’t run on consecutive days and don’t do too much too soon (so speaks the voice of experience!!). Start gently and then build your pace according to what your lungs and legs can cope with. I prefer running in this cold weather to sunshine however the wind is another matter. Breathing hard in the cold can make you feel as if you are getting a cold/cough- its normal! Good luck and enjoy it. (I hated running years ago and now love it).

    1. Thanks Nicki for taking the time out and give me the advice. I have found that I like running in the cold and I have only been doing a mile while I get my legs and lungs working again lol. I can see why people love it. At the moment I do two on one off until I can run further. Hope you have had a good day.

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