Have the heart to go on…

Hi all, hope you have had a good week since we last had a ‘chat’.

My good bits and bad bits are here;

Good –

Sophie (my daughter) celebrated her Birthday and she has turned 8 “when did that happen?”, we are all getting very excited for her party at the weekend.

Also, I have a new product to share with you all, keep reading….

Bad –

My only bad part was the running challenge I’m taking part in. I have had to pause my efforts because I have hurt my knee. I did Google my symptoms and the results said that I must have my leg chopped off “you win some you loss some” lol. I did try to run but with no luck as it is to painful.  So there we have it 8.5 miles in and I was cut down in my prime 🙁 . I will finish the 25 miles even if I walk the rest, or perhaps I can get someone to push me in a wheelchair? I don’t know if that counts as cheating though? teehee.

Anyway here as promised our new product for Mothers Day……


Personalised Photo Charm/Bead

Product info – £8.99 just the bead or £9.99 with organiser bag  size 10.5 x 9.5 mm approx

Here we have a heart bead fully personalised with any photo you want and can fit most charm bracelets and or you can attach it to anything you want.

It’s a great Mother’s Day gift 🎁 (11/3/18).

As you have taken time out to read my blog I will give you a 20% off coupon code to use with us at OuTFox.

20% off code – MUM2018 valid until 12/3/18

Have a cracking week!


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