My Mum

Hey all,

So this Sunday is Mothers day and don’t forget the offer we have running until 12/3/18.  I thought this week I would share with you all a snippet about “my Mum” Judy Gilmour.

My Mum is amazing!  She has always been there for me no matter what, with out her I would not have been able to achieve what I had set out to do. From leaving school,  going into full time work, to moving to Hull with my wonderful wife Jen.  I know the reason why I trust her 100% is because she is not scared to tell me the hard truth, some times I don’t like it but I respect her for it.  Mum has always instilled in my brother and I, that to achieve anything in life you must work hard, keep on working no matter what; despite been hard at times I do live by her way of life.

Three years ago my Dad passed away suddenly.  Dad was the jam of the family who kept us all together, but I didn’t see this until he was there no more.  Life has a funny way of showing you what life is really like, all I can say to my Mum is “I will do my all for you on my watch, be that now or in years to come, I will always be by your side. Nothing is going to stop us from living our lives to the full”.  I also include Jon and Jen, the four of us are quite some team so watch out 😉 ….

Thanks for your ears this week.

and Happy Mothers Day Mum.

Love always

Rob xx

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    1. Thank you Helen, its easy for life to get in the way form time to time and a kick up the butt helps lol however not to often as I bruise like a peach.

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