Wooo whhhooo ! Spring is in the air and that has meant one thing in the Gilmour house hold……….. Geocaching ! I’m sure some of you will know what this amazing outdoor activity Geocaching is and some maybe not so much. The best way I can describe it is a 24/7 treasure hunt, all over the world and you use an app on your phone to locate the caches. As a family we love it, in fact my wife (Jennifer) set up a family blog because we enjoy it that much.

I have put a link to the Geocaching website so if it intrigues you then you can check it out. Let us know if you do join or you already Geocache, we would love to add you!

Myself and Jen have had our Friday morning outing, as the snow has now all gone and with the sun shining we packed our rucksack and went off on a adventure. Now today’s adventure took us to a old disused train line and station down Beverley road in Hull. I had never noticed the old train station when driving down the road but have learnt about the history of an area of Hull I knew nothing about. Most interesting of all we came across a old WWII bombed out Theatre that has never been saved- it’s just sitting there degrading since the day it was bombed in the blitz. I found it fascinating and again I have never noticed it. For me this is why I love Geocaching because it make you look at were you live or where you are walking and I feel I have a much richer knowledge in doing so.

So Jen and myself wanted to find 4 caches and we did hit our target “yes 💪🏻 ” not that we are competitive of course.

We spent both the Saturday and Sunday caching with the kids. You can find out about that as Jen puts her blog posts of our adventures on the family blog.

Have a great week !


Our family crest printed onto 25mm disks and 50mm disks. We leave one in every cache we can. You could say it was are calling card to fellow Geocachers.


12 thoughts on “Geocaching”

  1. I must get my hubby back into this as we have only done it a couple of times in N Yorkshire. I love the idea of hunting and sending things on adventures. Happy hunting 😊

  2. I’ve always thought this look like fun but still haven’t managed to give it a go. Might need to make more of an effort now the weather is picking up

  3. I love geocaching with the kids. It’s so much fun:) I can’t wait to start doing it this year I bet our little 3 yr old will find it much fun as well.

  4. Awesome. We are starting to do the same thing. Is great that you turned it into a family adventure. You always have something to do travelling the world. 🙂

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