Facebook Frustration…

Sometimes Facebook can be a true frustration for pages. I am sure you will have noticed that we actually rebranded months ago BUT Facebook denied our Facebook name request.

We then set up a new page but the point to it was frustrating as it means starting from the beginning again. After months of waiting for Facebook then decided to change our name to the lovely OUTFOX! So now we have gone back to our old page and currently working on getting it up to date. The other will hopefully be merged but at the moment we have to wait at leat 4 weeks.

We understand why Facebook has its rules but when it takes a long period of time it leaves our clients confused and us.

Apologies for the confusion.

This is the page you need to be following for any updates, behind the scenes, news, products and there will be some networking in the near future…


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  1. I don’t use Twitter enough, well actually if it wasn’t for Tuesday blog share I wouldn’t use anything enough haha time is my enemy!

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