Time to learn

Hi all hope this blog post finds you all well…

This week I have finally got round to upgrading Outfox’s website.  I have always been a quick learner and can do most things if I want to.  So over the last few years I have learnt  how to cut aluminium sheet metal, which is what we use for our products. I have also learnt to use different heat and mug presses and finally I’m still leaning how to use photoshop which allows us to design all our products. At the moment Jen (my wife) does the designing.

Over the next few weeks and months there will be new features going live here at outfoxprinting.com. We have just integrated our Gift Shop so you can head over there right away, we will soon have our Biz Shop up and running- for now do keep messaging in with your requests.

Just a quick update for you this week.

Don’t forget out 10% sale is still running on our Gift Shop on Etsy as well.

Hope you have a great week.


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