Back to school.

Hi all,

hope everyones week went well.

We had a very productive week at Outfox HQ. So last week I was talking about upgrading our website,  well this is now in full swing!  I have had my wonderful wife passing on her knowledge of setting up and inputting stock items onto the website. As you can see from the picture below the 1st item to go live on was our most popular item (single sided keyring).

Also Mrs Gilmour has been teaching me how to us Photoshop.  It has been like stepping back in time to my school days. Hand in the air “miss, how do I…..” All has gone well and I’m now on my way to editing and uploading etc.

Then last on my list this week was to price up a full sample pack of all our business items. Again a quick pic taken of this, the items rage from bookmarks, car signs, 10oz mugs, keyring, business cars and dog tags. Over the next few weeks this will be going live on the sight for any company to sample our unique rage of items.


I have a question this week for you all. What is the most unique product you have ever bought for your business or personally?

Have a great week.


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  1. What’s the most unique product you have ever bought for my business or me personally? I confess I’m a pencils freak, so usually wherever I go, I buy pencils… Perhaps the collection of my pencils (mostly unused) is the most unique products I have ever bought for me… 😉

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