Foxy moments…

If you didn’t know we like foxes here at OuTFox then you do now! Excited to share this with you.

It was lovely to do some embroidered and vinyl printing onto garments for Katy Cobb owner of Wall Things Bright and Beautiful. Katy had told us why she wanted them and we were very excited to hear of her success as she was given a licensed spot of wall on the Bank Side in Hull City Centre near the Banksy graffiti.

We were very excited about it and so after Katy had done her magic with a public mural we set out to visit the Banksy work and then the gallery near it. img_3339

We were very excited to see on Facebook that Katy had done a Fox in our honour! We were super excited!

Photo from Katy’s Facebook Page – Wall Things Bright and Beautiful.

We had previously bought a handmade painting for our home to represent our foxy family of five.

Isn’t it beautiful!

Here is the mural Katy painted and cleverly used the drain pipe as a tree!

We had a lovely time visiting our local fox and seeing the mural finished.

Thank you Katy for thinking of us.

Rob and Jenny

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