#SBS Winner 2019

Last night we were going about our own business when both of our iWatches started buzzing on our wrists. We didn’t think anything of it at first BUT then Jen saw her latest #SBS tweet pic flick up and rushed for her phone, she screamed with caution (three children upstairs asleep) ‘no way, no way, I can’t believe it’. I wish she would have hurried up and told me as she jumped up and down for dear joy and lets face it I wanted to join in with her. ‘OuTFox has won the #SBS’, my response was ‘it’s a bit late for April fools, you do realise you are the fool now don’t you?’. Jen was still jumping and came over to me and confirmed and I began to giggle.

Here’s the winning tweet:

the hull hub sbs tweet

And here is Theo Paphitis tweet to congratulate us: 

theo paphitis tweet sbs

We immediately changed our bio and got to work on some of the jobs we hadn’t managed to do.

Screenshot at Apr 01 21-20-54

We are looking forward to the #SBS winners event and joining in more on Twitter as well. If you haven’t already found us on Twitter you can at @OutfoxPrinting

We are busy working on custom orders but are always here to answer questions, we look forward to bringing this site to life in the very near future – making it easier for businesses to buy their stationary and marketing materials. Retail is all set up via the Etsy and you can go through our site already.

Thank you to all those who wished us well on online last night, we are certainly tired this morning.



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