Bank Holiday Monday

What work do you do on a Bank Holiday?  

Being a small business the work never really stops! There are always jobs that need completing or starting. Getting a solid hours worth of work in when there are three kids in the house is good going.  

As a family we have been out Geocaching and a spot of shopping so that the three kids could spend their pocket money, then some movie at home.  

I could have started a normal working day but with the added noise and distractions in the house but this would have been a waste of time.  So, yesterday I started a new project that I have had in my mind for the last few months, it starts in most ways with a mood/ideas board put together on Pinterest.


It was fun to bring together ideas I have in my head, but more importantly it was an easy task. It could be put down and picked up as and when I needed to. I have started to learn  that finding the right job for the correct time is key to any small business, it might not be the most important job but you are still ticking boxes off your to-do list without getting frustrated. It give’s a sense of accomplishment as well.

A great Bank Holiday,  How was yours?





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