Social Saturday

Each weekend we run Social Saturday on our Facebook page. It goes up anywhere between 7- 9.30am and those who have businesses can join in.


social saturday

The instructions for each Saturday:

For those with a business…

🦊 Join in with social Saturday 🦊

1- comment with some info and your FB page link
2- check out others on this thread
3- be a liker of our page
4- wait to see if you are one of two pages we share on our page later today


We have decided to offer those who win an awesome deal.


Here’s the deal:


If you are a lucky Social Saturday share winner, not only will you feature on our Facebook page but you are now entitled to a double up deal!

Basically, any of our business marketing materials that are the metal/aluminium based are open to be doubled up. EG: You buy 10, we send 20! Whether that’s keyrings, fridge magnets, name badges, coasters, bookmarks and more. Your business logo placed onto these items, or whatever design you would like. Take a look at the full list here.

NOTE: You have to claim the deal before the next Social Saturday goes live, so don’t miss out.

Simply message us on Facebook, use the contact us page or email with your decision on what you want to double up on.

Good Luck

Rob and co

4 thoughts on “Social Saturday”

      1. Thank you! Looking forward to my keyrings being designed and to share them with customers. Have got my new tagline created just figuring out the font to use so it matches the logo.

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