Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Postal Delivery

1.1 Delivery is made either via Royal Mail or a courier service- referred as postal service here on. 1.2 Each item(s) will be packed appropriately for the size. 1.3. Loss of items will be done via the package loss formality that the postal services have set. A refund or replacement will take place once we have received notification from the postal service of loss. 1.4 For orders outside the UK three weeks must pass before any action is taken. 1.5 Damages of our items via the postal service are not of our fault, a refund/replacement will take place once an investigation has taken place via the postal service. We may ask for photographic evidence of the damage and even a return. 1.6 The manager may use discretion in the case of a breakage (eg ceramic). 1.7 If visible damage of an item that is decoratively wrapped (ie cellophane) then we ask that you take photographs of the item in its wrapped state. The manager may refuse refund/replacement if the item has been unwrapped.

Handmade items:

2.1 Handmade items are not made by factory equipment therefore are not always of perfect standard and may differ from the photographs on our website/social media/Etsy store. 2.2 Handmade items can either be whole handmade or an item made with wholesale or retail clothes/accessories/electronics/ etc. 2.3 Any refunds or replacements can be only be taken up to three weeks after purchasing.

Embroidery items:

3.1 Embroidery is done by an embroidery machine (Brother Inovis 750E). 3.2 Embroidery is done on wholesale or retail items (clothing and towelling). 3.3 Embroidery may lose its tightness and come apart after a number of washes, the thread may also change colour. 3.4 We can only take responsibility of the first wash and refunds or replacements to be made within three weeks of purchasing.

Printed items:

4.1 Printed items use the method of sublimation usually on aluminium or fabric. 4.2 Sublimation requires a limited colour palette unlike normal printers. Photo’s may look different to match this colour palette, this is standard with any sublimation printing. 4.3 metal printing is always on aluminium, the print should last up to a year without discolouration/fading  4.4 The reverse of the metal cannot be guaranteed perfect condition this is due to the supplier 4.5 Fabric printing fades with washes. 4.6 Gift orders should issue any concerns upon receiving the product. Refunds and replacements are given within three weeks of purchasing and under the managers discretion. 4.7 Large bulk orders will be provided with an initial sample to approve before purchasing. Any problems or corrections should be raised and corrected on this sample. Once the sample is approved the print run will go to print, cancellation will not be accepted after the approval. 

Custom orders:

5.1 For custom cut orders in our aluminium printing a quote will be given with a set up fee. 5.2 The set up fee is none-refundable and includes one un-printed sample. 5.3 Further samples will be set as the prices on the quote at the individual cost included a printed sample. 5.4 Agreement of pricing will be displayed on the custom quote assigned to the customer, these have set prices for this quote only, the manager can waver the prices due to inflation costs at any point but will notify customers of any price changes. 5.5 Price inflation usually happens once a year. 5.5 Other concerns as Printed Items above.  

Bulk orders: 

6.1 Bulk order pricing is for the same image/design per unit on the print run. 6.2 Artwork for the unit is to be provided by the client. 6.3 There will be a small fee for design work if the customer is unable to provide the artwork. 6.4 Any alterations to the metal (ie bending) will not be provided by OuTFox. 6.5 OuTFox do not take any responsibility for damages when client alters the original unit. 


Please get in touch if you have any queries.